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Nothing fuels your drive more than the power of the pack you run with.
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the accomplishment of an aim or purpose


relentlessly compelled by the need to accomplish an aim or purpose

Note From Kevin

This community exists to support and strengthen those who have an “aim or purpose” and are “compelled to accomplish it.” It’s for those who are, or who want to be, excited to get out of bed each morning. It is not however, to define what you should be aiming at and how exactly you should go about accomplishing it. No shoulding. Your goals and how you want to accomplish them are your decision. We will absolutely give much focus to “best” business and life practices, meaning, what has proven statistically most effective. The point however is not to dictate the what and how, so much as help clarify and leverage your why, as it’s what fuels you. What drives you. You will be exposed to countless, successful “how-to” methods from which you can adapt according to what fits your individual needs. 

This is the community I want and need for myself. A “church”, support and accountability group, business advisory board, think tank and friends. I’d be honored to drive with you.

Signature of Kevin Miller

P.S. A great slogan for us is from my buddy, Tom Ziglar, “Let’s band together and call each other to the highest standards, but also with the deepest grace.” Amen.

Our Work – We want to grow our businesses and vocations and impact.

Our Health – We want to be at our full capacity.

Our Goals – We want daily drive to make continued progress.

Our Trials – We don’t gloss over them. We get them on the table and manage them.

Our Achievements – We share and celebrate them.

Membership Features

Private Member’s Group

To better track your interests and activity and keep us out of mind-sucking social media, we host our community in a private platform with a super easy app and desktop access.




Weekly, Interactive Classes

Each week Kevin publishes 2-4 podcast episodes. Go beyond mere listening and engage, as we post each episode in the community and have in-depth discussions on how to apply the concepts to our lives.


Weekly, Live Q&A

Every week Kevin will host a live Zoom call to answer live and preposted questions from the weekly class topics and more. His primary focus for this weekly session is to have a pulse on the community and address what is more relevant to all. Not as guru, but as guide to the right resources.


Business Building

Our members are either full-time self-employed, have a side gig or are gainfully employed and feel they are building their personal businesses within a company. We are heavy on: 

  • Influence/Audience Building
  • Infopreneuring
  • Podcasting
  • Authoring
  • Speaking


Life Building

Our work exists to support our life. We work to afford a life. Time and money. We don’t separate business and personal. Thus we invariably focus on the topics of:

  • Health and Wellness
  • Family
  • Faith
  • Greater Purpose
  • Goals & Achievements


Revolving Expert Cast

Kevin often taps his podcast co hosts and guests to answer member questions and sometimes join us inside the membership. Whether they come in for a live session or answer via video, audio or text you get to network with some elite personalities.


Hot Topic(s) Of The Day

We strive to be responsive to what the greatest needs and interests are. When an issue or need or question is posed that deserves attention, we give it. We don’t manufacture one to make it daily but alert everyone as they arise.


Events & Meetups

Face to face interaction can’t be beat. With COVID in the air we remain tentative on concrete dates for the community but we work to facilitate meetups between members and are looking to member-wide gatherings. Anyone passing through the Rockies will want to hit Kevin up for a coffee or wine date...


Book Study

Everything in the community is saved for easy reference and tagged by searchable terms so you can find what you need on a certain topic immediately. However our focus vis not on dumping a truck load of archives on you. We realize member’s pay most attention to the what is coming new and next.


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