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Nothing fuels your drive more than the power of the pack you run with. Join the driven.


the accomplishment of an aim or purpose


relentlessly compelled by the need to accomplish an aim or purpose

Note From Kevin

The Driven To Live community is a Blue Zone for driven people. Driven people who want wise counsel to questions that matter for their progress. Driven people who can sometimes end up isolated, yet realize the power of invested insight into what they are driving to achieve. Every month my podcasts get hundreds of thousands of downloads from aspiring people who desire to learn and grow, and the point of this community is to go deeper into what really matters regarding your desires to make progress in your work and life. If you want to know what we discuss most inside Driven To Live, listen to my podcasts. This is where we engage with the topics, take action on them, and get closer to our goals. What people are most attracted to is business and career counsel. After deep discussions with over 170 of today’s most influential and successful people I’m convinced your business and work success is simply a reflection of…you. This community is here for and about growing you. .

Signature of Kevin Miller

Testimonials from November, 2021

“I see this place as meeting a relational need for highly driven individuals. Highly driven people are often loners, to some extent. Like endurance athletes, to get hard tasks done we have to spend large amounts of time solo.” – Laura, endurance athlete

“I want/need to be a better husband, parent and employer. I know of no other place where I can be challenged in these areas. As I’ve listened to your podcasts over the last 10 months I’ve found myself regularly wanting to go deeper. If I can learn to ask more questions, learn to communicate with clarity I feel like I’ll be winning.” Stephen, business owner

“Community support in the lonely world of business and entrepreneurship.” Wendy, insurance agent

“It’s a gateway into deepening the meaning we can weave into the fabric of our lives, which as entrepreneurs IS personal and professional and integrated.” – Boni, book publisher


Your Work – What questions do you have today that will grow your business, vocations and impact?

Your Health –  What questions will help you be at your full capacity?

Your Goals – What questions will increase your daily drive to make continued progress?

Your Trials – What questions will help you manage and alleviate today’s challenges?

Your Achievements – What questions will help elevate and leverage them?

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Membership Features

Private Member’s Group

To better track your interests and activity and keep us out of mind-sucking social media, we host our community in a private platform with a super easy app and desktop access.


Podcast Classes

Each week Kevin publishes 2-4 podcast episodes. Go beyond mere listening and engage, as we post each episode in the community and have in-depth discussions on how to apply the concepts to our lives.

Drive Formula

Get your drive in alignment and increase your success rate in the key areas of life fulfillment. The Formula is available on this website for free, but here in the Drive Community is where you get guidance to work it out.

Weekly, Live Q&A

Every week Kevin will host a live Zoom call to answer live and preposted questions from the weekly class topics and more. His primary focus for this weekly session is to have a pulse on the community and address what is more relevant to all. Not as guru, but as guide to the right resources.

Business Building

Our members are either full-time self-employed, have a side gig or are gainfully employed and feel they are building their personal businesses within a company. We are heavy on: 

  • Influence/Audience Building
  • Infopreneuring
  • Podcasting
  • Authoring
  • Speaking

Life Building

Our work exists to support our life. We work to afford a life. Time and money. We don’t separate business and personal. Thus we invariably focus on the topics of:

  • Health and Wellness
  • Family
  • Faith
  • Greater Purpose
  • Goals & Achievements

Revolving Expert Cast

Kevin often taps his podcast co hosts and guests to answer member questions and sometimes join us inside the membership. Whether they come in for a live session or answer via video, audio or text you get to network with some elite personalities.

Events & Meetups

Face to face interaction can’t be beat. With COVID in the air we are tentatively looking at our next live-event dates, and work to facilitate informal member meet-us. Anyone passing through the Rockies will want to hit Kevin up for a coffee or wine date...

Book Study

Reading books can change your life. do more than read. You engage to learn and change. From podcast guest books, to book Kevin or members are advocating, we'll always be studying important books.

“My best sales pitch for joining right now is this; You spend all week taking in great content. This community is the gym where you work it out and grow with it. It’s $45 to join for a month. The fee filters out the free, social media, opinion commenting and ensures you have a group of invested, aspiring, thoughtful, driven people like you and me to discuss things that really matter. Second, have you ever bought two, $20 self-help books in a month? You risked approximately the $45 we’re talking about here. Come in and we’ll personally engage on a book or two this month, plus 10 or so podcast topics, and help you engage and apply their wisdom to your life.”

Signature of Kevin Miller


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