The point is for context and credibility, but instead of merely touting my success list I’m wrapping it around who I am and what I have experience in so you can see if I do, or do not, have context and credibility in the areas you care about. 

Professional Athletics

The abbreviated story is, I raced bicycles from age 10-32. I was a pro cyclist in America with a stint in Europe. It was a great accomplishment that gave me great joy and training in my own abilities and capacity. I squandered a lot of my potential by not being very coachable, which is a regret I’ll always have. Elite sports and pushing yourself beyond belief, however, is an area I connect with intimately. Today I compete frequently in trail running and mountain biking, while also enjoying other Rocky Mountain sports such as kayaking and skiing at various skill levels. I’m a very skilled and strong biker, but haven’t improved much at my very mediocre skiing abilities…

For You

I’ve started in over 1,000 athletic competitions. I always had increased nerves. There was always risk of failure or injury and embarrassment. Those don’t go away, even as your faith you can and will succeed grows. I understand the fear and doubt in starting things and I can help you have faith in starting new things.

Group of people on steps at lodge in Colorado

Business Start-Up

I grew up in an entrepreneurial home (yes, that “Dan Miller” is my father). I was working on car lots with my Dad before I hit double digits and started my first business at age 15. I’ve personally started 17 businesses and been to the bottom pits of failure and losing my shirt and buying groceries for my family on credit cards, and had some fulfilling successes. While I’ve had clients testify to my value in helping them in employee situations, my greatest area of expertise is in business start-up.

Pictured above is my previous community, Free Agent Academy. Our Driven Community is the greater evolution.

For You

Again, I know the emotions of starting. Of risk, failure, and success. Of taking an idea, finding the viable opportunity in the marketplace, building, and launching. More than the business initiative itself, I can help with the realities and hurdles we deal with personally.


While I’ve been involved in businesses from automotive, medical, health and wellness, tech, real estate & lending and more, the majority of my acumen is in influencing people, such as what I do today with podcasting and authoring. Thus businesses that are heavy on communicating and inspiring people and building and nurturing audiences are more in my lane than others. I have a long history of building audiences and providing value to people by connecting with them in meaningful ways, and this is a primary area I can offer you guidance in.

For You

My greatest business insight and guidance is around products and services heavy on having, growing, and nurturing an audience. If this is you, we’re speaking the same language and I can help.


Q1 of 2022 will see my book, “What Drives You”, published by McGraw Hill, America’s 3rd highest grossing publishing house. While this will be my first official book, everything I’ve done to date has come from an idea I’ve had and a blank sheet of paper and my ability to write it out and bring it to life. While I question if everyone should write a book, it is often a relevant area for those I work with.

For You

There are many aspects of writing and my area of expertise is communicating a point in a new and compelling way that makes your writing stand out from the crowd.


Jonathan Fields is a best-selling author who I appreciate greatly. His recent book is called Sparked and he has a new work assessment, I have all my personal clients take it. It’s tremendous for showcasing the primary roles you’ll excel in, in your work. And where you likely won’t. It pegs me as a Maker/Scientist. I flourish best where I can create and figure out how to make something possible. 

For You

​​​​​ ​​My skill is not in fine-tuning and managing a business, but in going from idea to opportunity for an idea or business startup, or in growing a new or revamped initiative.

Health & Wellness

 I cofounded a Functional Medicine practice with a best friend, Randy James, MD. My co-host on the True Life Podcast. The tenants of true health and wellness are of profound importance to me, as to be at our full capacity and ability requires our bodies and minds to be running well. In truth, it’s difficult for me to connect and engage well with someone who does not place a priority on this area of their life, even if they are just at the dawning of investing in it. 

For You

​​Alongside any area I’m helping someone in, I care about your physical and mental wellness and can meet you where you are in helping increase your capacity.

Kevin MIller's Family

Other Personal Points of Interest

  • Family – I have nine children and three who I’m “Grandpa” to. This gives me a unique insight into that aspect of personal and professional lives.
  • Home – My wife and I built our alternative, custom home, high in the mountains. We designed it, general contracted it and did a lot of the actual labor. Again, it’s just a point of relevance for those who understand this type of undertaking.
  • Food & Drink – Many people say they are foodies. I however, adore food. Maybe too much. Even though I have found ways to manage my appetites fairly well, I’m very aware of how much I daily look forward to high end coffee, great food and a glorious glass of wine. 
  • Rustic, Functional Wood Art – We live in the woods and I turn a lot of standing dead trees into beds, lamps, decks and all sorts of things for our home. I really love the outlet. What I create looks cool, is built to stand an apocalypse, and has very few right or level angles. 
  • Faith – I don’t understand life outside of my faith in a higher power. As Donald Miller recently said to me about himself, “I primarily identify with Christianity,” if you’re looking for a point of reference. I do choose to place my faith in the God depicted in the Bible, and Jesus Christ. However I am not in agreement with many significant tenants of the traditional religion of Christianity. Which leaves me without a label and easy definition to give you. It’s a discussion. Maybe we can have that over a campfire and a glass of wine some day.

Official Bio For Press:

A former pro cyclist and lifetime entrepreneur founding 14 businesses, Kevin has devoted himself to unearthing the root issues of positive, personal change, and motivating people to discover and commit to their unique contribution to the world. He hosts three podcasts which have eclipsed 52 million downloads and held the ranking of #2 in All-Time Career podcasts in Apple Podcasts for all of 2020. He’s husband for 28 years, father to nine splendid humans, and lives at 9,200’ in the Rockies in an oversized home he built out of straw bales where he spends an inordinate amount of time hiking, running, and riding on remote trails. His upcoming book, “What Drives You”, will be published by McGraw Hill in Q1 of 2022. Find Kevin at and social media at the same handle.

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